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Knock Out Beauty,

Women are inundated with unattainable beauty standards and disempowering jargon, inexplicably paired with the current trend of masking or changing your true beauty. My stance as a makeup artist is that makeup should enhance your natural beauty. I have never waivered from this authentic stance. As a mother, I have witnessed firsthand how this messaging affects my daughter as well as the negative influences she faces daily. This concept of empowerment has long been a goal of mine. When I met Dana Louise Kirpatrick and identified the inherent strength in her work it really all came together. This collaboration is rooted firmly in the essential message of confidence, self-love, inner beauty and strength, reminding women to bravely overcome negative influences around them-conquering their every dream with fierce, unapologetic moxy. Women matter and they need to own who they are- they are all knock out beauties!

I am proud that our message has resonated so powerfully, landing on the strong shoulders of a myriad of women. My hope was this message would echo universally, and it has. Women for women is an essential thread in the fabric of equality. Stand with us as we walk forward.

With love and thanks,