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Sonia Kashuk:
It's a Beautiful World

Sonia arrived in New York as a wide-eyed kid from the Midwest, in search of her version of the American dream. She soon discovered the buzzing and unforgiving world of fashion, where her creative flair as a makeup artist, capable of transforming any face into a richly photogenic canvas, quickly established her reputation. But it wasn't long before her brilliant eye for shapes and color took her beyond being a top award-winning makeup artist, all the way to becoming an accomplished designer. Not only does she create her own performance-based makeup formulas, blended from ingredients of the highest quality; She also designs high-end packaging to showcase her luxurious, yet affordable makeup line. Her uncompromising commitment to beauty and perfection is in constant motion and expansion: every season Sonia reinterprets the trends, creates new colors, new shapes and patterns for brushes, bags, and more. She hunts down the best materials, explores textures, shapes and colors relentlessly and passionately, until everything expresses her unique vision and reaches her high standard. With experience, taste and instinct as a guide she transforms the everyday on a daily basis; making luxury fun, glamour accessible and beauty a reality.

Luxury Targeted

When Sonia decided years ago to take on a new challenge, being the first to bring department store quality products to the mass market, she saw Target as the ideal partner. She admired Target's innovative retail style, and knew they could bring truly high-end cosmetics and accessories directly from manufacturer to store, creating a low price point for incredibly good quality. She signed up with Target in 1998, and the long-standing creative partnership between Target and Sonia Kashuk continues to break new ground in retail. Nearly 15 years later, the brand/partnership remains as fresh as the day it was first introduced.

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