50 and Fabulous!!

This past weekend my husband turned the big 5-0! We celebrated with friends, family, and lots of great food up in the country at our house in Connecticut. It was a fantastic time, I flew in Daniel’s family as a surprise and further shocked him with not 1 but 2 surprise dinners with all of his close friends; such an intimate, special weekend for all of us. I decorated the party with tons of old pictures of Daniel throughout the years; pictures dating all the way back to his grade school days, memories from when we first started dating, even pictures from his twenties which were interesting to say the least! And I had this images everywhere, from the walls, to the place cards, to the cake; I even had t-shirt made up with large 50 on the front and Daniel posing on the back. Here are a few pictures from this weekend I thought would be fun to share.

Three generations of Kaner men

Me, my daughter Sadye, and my sister-in-law Amy

pictures of Daniel throughout the years

It's so crazy how much my husband and son look alike!

Daniel and I at dinner

Daniel and our dog Jezebel

Happy 50th Birthday Daniel!








7 Responses to : 50 and Fabulous!!

  1. Nicolle Avidago says:

    wow iv seen you and youre family once a long time ago and everone change, but youre family beautiful, wish you happyness. : )

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  3. Shelly Siegel says:

    Sonia, Sending you well wishes…..You are gorgeous! I come to manhattan
    A few times each year to visit my cousin Janet. It would be fun to have a drinkie or something just for fun.. Ill be there for work in sept…. We will see….love to you from shelly Siegel… I think I’m going out to get some SK lipstick right now.. As advertised in health mag…..take care…

  4. Jessin Reyes says:

    You have a beautiful Family Sonia *^_^*

  5. Lisa says:

    Thank you for showing this Sonia — you always have the most divine table settings and create such a beautiful atmosphere for your parties/dinners!

  6. Donna says:

    Really enjoyed this – thanks for sharing. Got some great ideas for my husband’s upcoming 50th b’day. Donna

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