What’s in my make-up bag????

I thought it would be fun to share with you what I have in my personal make-up bag. It differs dramatically from my professional case! My professional case weighs a ton and needs to be stocked ready to do anything or anybody! I have gotten better definition in my arms from schlepping my case for all these years!

My personal make-up case can do it all too! A natural look, a defined smoky eye…you never know what your mood will be that day or night!

My Personal Make-up Case- Small Train Case $14.99

Straight From Nature Bamboo Powder Brush $19.99, Angled Contour Blusher Brush $17.99, Small Multipurpose Powder Brush $10.99, Domed Eye Shadow Brush $9.99, Large Eye Shadow Brush $12.99, Synthetic Domed Crease Brush $9.99, Smudge Brush $7.99, Spoolie Brush $1.99 & Shaped Blending Brush $5.99

Concealer is a must have for me. I have noticed that the aging process really hollows you out under the eyes. I now understand more than ever why the #1 question I am asked about make-up relates to concealer. I carry my Hidden Agenda concealer palette; I can mix up the colors to get to the right shade and I always use the neutralizer to spot out any redness.

Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette $9.99

Next is foundation; I think everyone should use some type of a foundation. You can achieve perfect looking skin and you do not have to use very much! A small amount goes a long way…use foundation more as a touch up tool rather than applying all over. 99% of most women do not need foundation all over, apply only where it is needed and make sure your color is correct. Once you apply foundation you should no longer see it! I love a dewy finish to the skin so I created my newest foundation, (which just went into stores a couple of weeks ago) to let the skin glisten and glow. I also love love the packaging. It is Perfecting Luminious Foundation and it does all that it says!

Perfecting Luminous Foundation in Buff $10.49

With my skin hopefully looking flawless, I am onto blush. I always use my Rosey Crème Blush. Again, gotta have that dewiness! I usually apply it with my fingers, but when I am applying on someone else I always use a brush. I love the coraly /pinky tone it looks so fresh on everyone.

Creme Blush in Rosey $9.99

Next it is on to my eyebrows. A spoolie is a must have for me to brush up the brows to really see the shape. I fill in any holes with my Taupe brow pencil, a perfect shade which looks so natural. I apply in mini little strokes and then use the spoolie brush to soften the lines. The end result looks so soft (no one will ever know you didn’t already have the perfect brow).

Brow Definer in Taupe $5.99 & Spoolie Brush $1.99

Onto the eyes of the soul…for an everyday quick fix, I dust a medium brown from my Perfectly Neutral Eye Palette across the entire lid from upper lashline to just beyond the crease. ( I do use either a tiny bit of foundation or the eye base from the palette to prime the lid before the application of color). If I want a little extra splash, I might give a little definition on the outer corners of the lower lashline with the same color.

Perfectly Neutral Eye Palette $12.99

If I need to kick it up a notch for evening I will use my Dramatically Defining Gel Eyeliner in Ebony for definition at the lashline and sometimes fill in the lower rim of my lashline with my Blackest Eye Pencil. I always use black mascara and I always use a eyelash curler before applying my mascara. After my 2-3 coats of mascara I comb through my lashes. Since my mascara comes with a comb you have no excuses for not having the most fabulous lashes! Another weird thing, my lashes have gotten straighter! I use my travel lash curler because I can actually see my lashes against the white (my eyes have gotten terrible)! For work, I use the Dramatically Defining Lash Curler.

Dramatically Defining Gel Liner in Ebony $8.99, Lashify Mascara in Black $6.99 & Deluxe Travel Eyelash Curler $9.99

On lips I tend to stay softer, I am a huge fan of my Velvety Matte Lip Crayons. They are so easy to use, come in the best colors that look gorgeous on everyone! Although they are matte, they are creamy and moisturizing. Also my new Mauvey lipcolor has found its way into my bag too! For a pale beigey lip I love Sheer Morning Glory or Truffle lipcolors.

Velvety Matte Lip Crayons $7.99

Last but not least, I use my new Brightening Powder dusting lightly into the inner corners and under my eyes. For any overly shiny highlights I use my Flesh loose powder to soften the shine yet leave the sheen.

Brightening Powder $9.99

I am thrilled to hopefully design the best make-up bags, that are actually affordable! You can change out your bag each season…you have to keep it clean and pristine! Nothing more disgusting than a funky make-up bag! Also, remember to keep your brushes clean…wash them at least once a week. Do it at night so when you wake up in the morning they are all dry and set to go!

I had so much fun with the giveaway last week, I decided to do it AGAIN! Post your comment on what Sonia Kashuk product you can’t live without. One lucky winner will win a replica of my personal make-up case! Total Value $250!!! (see list of products below)  Winner to be announced on my blog, Twitter and Facebook on Monday April 19th! Be sure to Tweet about it daily for extra chances to enter the contest… Tweet to say: I want to win the @SoniaKashuk make-up giveaway #soniakgiveawayb2

Product List for giveaway: Straight From Nature Bamboo Powder Brush $19.99, Angled Contour Blusher Brush $17.99, Small Multipurpose Powder Brush $10.99, Domed Eye Shadow Brush $9.99, Large Eye Shadow Brush $12.99, Synthetic Domed Crease Brush $9.99, Smudge Brush $7.99, Spoolie Brush $1.99, Shaped Blending Brush $5.99, Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette $9.99, Blending Sponge $9.99, Perfecting Luminous Foundation $10.49, Creme Blush in Rosey $9.99, Brow Definer in Taupe $5.99, Perfectly Neutral Eye Palette $12.99, Dramatically Defining Gel Liner in Ebony $8.99, Lashify Mascara in Black $6.99, Deluxe Travel Eyelash Curler $9.99, Velvety Matte Lip Crayon $7.99, Brightening Powder $9.99, Luxury Lipsticks in Mauvey, Sheer Morning Glory & Truffle $8.99 each, Small Train Case $14.99


41 Responses to : What’s in my make-up bag????

  1. Amy Krueger says:

    Sonia, have you discontinued your singles eyeshadows!I went to target to get some more, and they were all gone! Please tell me if you still make them!


  2. Amy Krueger says:

    Hi Sonia, I am 58, and I Loved your single eyeshadows!! I can’t wear shadows with ANY sparkle in them, it makes my saggy eyelids look worse! I found 2 of your single eyeshadows at Target and I went back for more and there were NONE! Have you discontinued the singles???? Please tell me you still have them!!!

    • Sonia Kashuk says:

      Hi Amy,

      The singles are discontinued but I suggest you try my Eye on Neutral Palette. It has 12 matte, neutral shades that are universally flattering and wearable for any occasion to create any desired look.


  3. Joan says:

    I am scraping out the last vestiges of my Look Natural Palette and would like to beg you and Target to please, please bring it back along with the Perfectly Neutral Eye Palette. I can apply this makeup with my eyes closed and come out looking beautiful! It’s foolproof! I use your makeup everyday and have just about everything you make and love every bit of it but am going into a cold panic because I can’t find these two products any longer. Thanks for sharing your line with us and please keep bringing us more great products!

  4. Amy D. says:

    My first “Dancing Queen” eye shadow duo 06 is almost out and I keep looking at Target and online in hopes of purchasing a new one. Please, please bring it back – or tell me how to get a new one.

    • Sonia Kashuk says:

      Hi Amy,

      Unfortunately Dancing Queen has been discontinued. I do not currently have anything in the line exactly like those shades but I would suggest taking a look at my Eye on Color Instructional Eye Palette. It has 12 great colorful shades including two beautiful purples.


  5. Melanie says:

    I want all of this stuff! haha

  6. Chellann301 says:

    It’s not possible to chose just one product so ill say my small train case filled with the Sonia Kashuk favorites that I absolutely refuse to go without!

  7. Tepping8382 says:

    i have been looking all over for the brown polka dot brown bag i bought one and strap broke I am heartbroken someone wanting to sell one or let me know where to get one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  8. Janetsnap says:

    Target no longer carries your creme eye shadow (retractable stick). Where can I find them–they’re great.
    Thanks. jane

  9. Theresa McQueen says:

    I Sonia,

    Love and have you complete collection of signature brushes and really love the flat top brush.

    I however, do not have a brush roll to house my collection. I love the one displayed in your what’s in my bag. Where can I find one?

    • Sonia Kashuk says:

      Hi Theresa,

      That is great to hear! The Flat top brush is such a great multipurpose brush! I no longer sell a brush roll but the one that is pictured in the blog post is the inside of my small train case. Several of my cosmetic bag options I sell in Target come with a brush compartment inside :)

  10. Deb B says:

    Concealer, concealer, concealer!! Without it, there’s going to be the “are you tired?” question, or the dreaded “you look tired” comment..
    With concealer, I create the “I’m awake” look.. I am 57 and if and when I get deserted on an island, my concealer will be with me!!

  11. phyllis kurth says:

    i misspelled target sorry phyllis kurth

  12. phyllis kurth says:

    i love your sonia kashuk products, but my favorite one is an eye shadow called dancing queenduo-06. our Tartet does not carry it anymore and i was wondering where i could find it? i love it and please help! thank you phyllis kurth

  13. Joanne says:

    Where can I find refills for your eyelash curler? I LOVE it but can’t bring myself to buy a new curler when I have a perfectly good one at home that just needs refills. Thanks.

  14. Kris says:

    Would you please tell me how to change the foam pad on the deluxe travel eyelash curler? Nothing I try will get the extra foam pad in that tiny slot. Thanks.

  15. Melody says:

    I can not live without my Sonia Kashuk flat shader brushes! They are my favorite! They are the right amount of softness and stiffness for applying shadow, especially loose pigments.

  16. Natasha L says:

    My favorite product would have to be your blushes…I like all the colors. It is really hard to find matte blushes in a wide range of colors. The colors are all amazing on my skin. I have fair skin and I think all the colors are perfect for any look I am trying to create from the nudes, peaches, and pinks. I like to have control on were I want my shimmer or highlights to go, so appreciate the fact that they are all matte and natural. Sometimes I even use some of my nude or tawny blushes as bronzers!
    Thanks so much for you amazing line @ Target I really do like everything!

  17. Betty J. says:

    As I’ve gotten older (now at the happy age of 56!) my eyebrows have thinned and lightened. My daughter bought me your Taupe eyebrow pencil, and I absolutely love it! It creates a subtle fill, and really defines my eye area. Maybe the spoolie brush should be next on my list? My daughter is totally devoted to your line of brushes and makeup, and I’m happy to have discovered it now too. It is nice to find a line of makeup that really spans different generations.

  18. Paula says:

    Your brushes get all the raves! I love my Spoolie brush the most. I didn’t realize how much I needed/would use it until I got it. Can’t go a day with out it now!

  19. Jacinta says:

    I love, love, love the Sonia Kashuk eye shadows – they go on so smoothly, blend beautifully & to top it off they’re very affordable.

  20. Donna says:

    I can’t live without my synthetic flat-top blusher brush. I have the original and the small one that came with the 4pc Out of the Woods collection. My foundation and creme/liquid blushes never looked so flawless.

  21. Lilian Nava says:

    … I LOVE LOVE the conceler!!!… I’m only 27 but I come from a family that has baggy and dark underbags…:0(… But with your conceler I have NONE they disapear!!!…lol… So I CANT live with out it!!!… I always have 2 extra in my house just in case I ran out!!!…lol…

  22. Cindy says:

    I can’t live without the Powder Brush. I use it for lots of different things – powder, blush, bronzer. I LOVE all my Sonia brushes, but if I was forced to only pick one, it would be the Powder Brush!

  23. Nikki says:

    I have the travel brush kit and its my absolute fav!!! I have had it for like three years…

  24. Juleedell says:

    I must admit… I use to sell makeup… a well known, come to your house, in your face, “your going to love it” makeup… until one of my shopping trips at Target I see this beautiful, earthy, natural compact (Sonia Kashuk), with colors/tones that I did could not get through my company and had to try it. I was astounded with the application – there was no residue powder that falls below the eyes. I was sold!Because of that purchase and a few others, LOL!, I am no longer sell that “other stuff” . I’m completely fascinated by Sonia Kashuk products. What really got me… what I really think the most ingenious idea is the mascara with the lash brush built on the end! LUV IT! <3 Better yet the mascara does not clump on me! I have one at home, one at work, one in the purse… But most of all thank you Sonia Kashuk for opening my gorgeous eyes!

  25. First of all I have to say that I really LOVE the design of your products! Your design is absolutely UNIQUE and I love to have unique products! Of course I look also for quality, but I have to admit that the design of your products is something really special!
    I have tried some of your products because a friend of me came back from the US with some amazing stuff.. but unfortunately I don’t own any product as I live in France and I cannot find your products here.. it’s SO sad!
    Your brushes are really soft and work good! And their design… WOW.. really chic and feminine! And the bamboo line… oooooooooooh something incredible! I love all type of makeup that reminds me of Mother Nature! I find it just incredibly amazing.. strong.. sweet.. honest.. reliable.
    Thank you Sonia for all your effort you put in doing such wonderful products! I really hope to have them soon in Europe!


    p.s. my Twitter account is: twitter.com/SnowJingle03

  26. Adriana says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Synthetic Flat Blusher Brush! But, instead of using it for blush, I use it everyday for applying my liquid foundation! This brush is the KEY to getting a flawless face! Applying foundation with this takes literally a few seconds and the finish it gives is just beautiful! Love it!

  27. Aishah Jaffar says:

    i really love the brushes! and i think what i can’t live without is the hidden agenda concealer palette. it works like a charm everytime!

  28. Jessin R says:

    It is really hard to choose one product because I really LOVE EVERYTHING. There is not one Sonia Kashuk product that I do not own. When it comes to the brushes, I would have to say my favorite is the blush brush. From the black handle line, it applies my blush so natural and soft. Best of all, it is so very soft and gentle on my skin… LOVE it!
    From the makeup line it would be a tie between the tinted moisturizer and glitter eye-shadows. I love the tinted moisturizer because it gives me great coverage and it’s fast and easy. The glitter eye-shadow is just amazing! It gives the prettiest sparkle…I always get compliments every time i wear it =)

  29. Jessica Sockel says:

    I love the Velvety Lip Crayons, but I can’t get along without your Cheek gel in Rose!

  30. Sue Xiong says:

    Yay! Another wonderful giveaway. I hope to win this time because I love all your products. There has not been one single product from your line that has disappointed me. So, I will always try to win as much as I can from you. I tell my sisters and bffs too because that’s how much I love your stuff.

    I just tried the Perfecting foundation in Buff and I like it. I probably should get a darker shade now though since Summer is quickly approaching. But the one product from your line that I absolutely LOVE is the Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette. No wonder its won so many awards! It really works and for that price, its a no brainer. EVERY makeup loving person should have it in their makeup bag!!!

  31. Silvana M. says:

    I absolutely adore your eyeshadow brushes! They are the best! By far my favorite, they hold so much powder for application!

  32. Carissa says:

    I love my angled eye-liner brush!

  33. Ann Risler says:

    I LOVE and so appreciate your makeup line. I am an avowed makeup junkie since I was a child — literally would do my college neighbor’s makeup with Ultima II and Avon and Revlon as a kid — and am now 42. Your makeup, your brushes, accessories are simply amazing. Thank you.

  34. Tracy S. says:

    I love the creamy blush! It’s in my purse all the time :)

  35. Marquie says:

    I really like your slanted eye liner brush as well as your flat foundation brush. It was my first foundation brush & still is one of my favorites, especially since it is really inexpensive.

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