Beauty Resolutions

Lets talk about ways to get your look updated for the new year, from lips to face and eyes!

1. Orange Lipstick – Ditch the wine, have an orange.
2. Foundation Stick- This new form offers portability and ease of application, plus the option for contouring!
3. Pastel Nail Polish- Take your nails from glitzy and vampy to feminine and sweet.
4. Tinted Moisturizer- double duty products are a must- moisturize and perfect in one easy step!
5. Cream Eyeshadows – skip the expected and experiment with texture.


Radiant Plus!

Our Radiant Tinted Moisturizer just got an improvement! Radiant+ will be hitting stores next month and we want you to be ready!

You’ll be able to find tinted_2our same 5 shades: Fair, Linen, Beige, Tan and Honey in the same creamy and airy texture now infused with a vitamin complex. A combination of vitamins C and E that delivers antioxidant protection and a more youthful look over time. We’ve updated the formula to a long-wearing color that perfects and soften the skin. The paraben-free and fragrance-free Radiant+ multitasks to minimize the appearance of pores and provide lasting hydration. Since we consider this the perfect replacement for foundation it is still protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays with SPF 15 plus providing a natural radiance and sheer finish. Big upgrade to the packaging too! Same quantity of product in a new sleeker and super portable tube. Now with a clear window to show the actual shaded product within! We hope this will make it better for shade matching and that this way it will be a great on-the-go face product!
Price: $13.69


Love Your Skin: Protect!

Continuing with the “month of love” and our second week of LOVE YOUR SKIN, it is time to talk about protecting your skin! Once your skin is feeling hydrated you have to keep it protected from a harmful environment. It’s extremely important to wear SPF everyday. You’re skin is affected by sun rays even when you’re not at the beach- even during cold winter months your skin is at risk. Make SPF part of your daily routine, no excuses- moisturize and then protect because nothing compares to the results of truly healthy skin.



To add SPF to your routine in an easy way try some double duty beauty tools like my Radiant Tinted Moisturizer with SPF15. This sheer lightweight formula can be used in place of foundation to even out your skin tone while protecting it from the sun’s rays. As the step two to loving your skin you can wear my tinted moisturizer over the products mentioned in step one; moisturizer and primer. Sun exposure is one of the greatest causes of damage and aging to the skin. Prevent dark spots and wrinkles with sunblock and as a makeup base use the tinted moisturizer for glowing skin. And don’t worry about missing your beautiful bronzed skin- staying out of the sun doesn’t mean you need to be pale and pasty! Try my Sunless Tan- Body Tanning Towelettes for a glowing tan during any season. Remember to wear gloves or use a tissue when handling the towelettes to prevent your palms from getting any color, then do the top of your hands last. Use one towelette for a natural-looking glow, unfold it and apply to exfoliated, clean skin in a circular motion over your body and within 2-4 hours you’ll be ready to go. The Sunless Tan is a good alternative to actually exposing your skin to UV rays in order to achieve radiance, a light layer of moisturizer over will help the color last longer… Find a sunblock that works for you, add it to daily routine and when it comes to your beauty use Radiant Tinted Moisturizer to protect and perfect skin plus the Sunless Tan to polish off the glow!


SK: Skin Shade Match

We know it is difficult for some of you out there to find the right shade within our products because we don’t have testers in store for visitors to try. Please know we are always happy to suggest a shade if you send us and image of yourself to For those of you who have already found a correct shade for your skin within the SK Products, browse this guide to expand your collection!


Products from the top row to bottom row, left to right:


Beauty Talk, Extend the Wear of your Makeup!


I’m always being asked about how to keep makeup from wearing off through out the day… Here are some tips to maintain your makeup for eyes, lips and face! Continue reading “Beauty Talk, Extend the Wear of your Makeup!” »


WO: Frost Bitten Cheeks!


My obsession this week is Frost Bitten Cheeks! The rosy glow that the winter weather gives to skin is feminine, delicately beautiful- and so easy to recreate with my Super Sheer Liquid Tints! Just dab a bit to the apples in a circular motion and your cheeks will look wonderfully pinched in no time.



Finally Memorial Day Weekend- the long awaited holiday that marks the unofficial start of summer. A glorious time of year when we first break out our almost forgotten bathing suits and beach gear, step out into the sun, and bask in the glory of a much deserved long weekend. I, for one, will be spending a nice relaxing weekend with my family at my house in the country, just enjoying their company and the beauty of warm-weather Mother Nature. But no matter how you plan on celebrating- laying low like me, BBQ/partying with family and friends, or a mini vacation somewhere fun- here are my beach bag must-haves that I will be sporting this weekend.