Morning to Night Guilt-Free Food


Check out these delicious and easy to make recipes covering all you need for a healthy and hearty meal from Breakfast to Dinner and Dessert! Click below for the full recipes and to check out the amazing bloggers who have mastered these dishes!


BREAKFAST: Quinoa Pancakes with Caramelized Apples



LUNCH: Peanut Soba Spring Rolls 


SNACK: Spinach Artichoke Dip



DINNER: Chicken, Asparagus, and Wild Mushroom Stir-Fry



DESERT: Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough




Spring cleaning your cosmetic collection is one of the most important things you must do. Old, expired products mean poor application and sometimes infections so use this guide to stay on top of when you should be replacing your beauty arsenal. TIP: buy a new cosmetic bag each season, it will force you to go through your products and get rid of any products that are past their prime.





nail titleEveryone’s nails need some freshening up every now and then. Take advantage of the spring (cleaning) season with these quick and simple tips!


Exfoliating is easy but important for soft, youthful hands. Try our Exfoliating Body Polish. This conditioning exfoliator will lift dry, dulling skin and reveal its silky, soft radiance without drying.


Are your nails darkened or discolored? Just simply make a paste of lemon juice and two teaspoons of whitening toothpaste to leave on nails for five minutes, and then rinse.
Constant moisturization is key for beautiful hands! Try our Hand Crème, formulated with natural shea butter, vitamin E and botanical oils.


Sterilizing nail tools (especially the metal ones) is a necessity. First, wash them with soap and hot water. Next, boil them in water for about 20 minutes. Finally, soak them in rubbing alcohol for another 20 minutes.





Now that you’ve detoxed your bodies, lets focus on hair. Spring cleaning your tresses is the best way to get gorgeous summer hair all season long!

hair wash1. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove product build up and throughly clean hair from scalp to tip.

hair clean2. Whether its a hot oil treatment or a homemade coconut oil hair mask, indulge your hair in a ultra rich, moisture-intensive treatment.

hair cut3. Cut away dead ends and get a trim, or even a completely new haircut-  a new season could mean a new look!

hair brush4. Wash your hairbrushes. It seems simple enough but many never take the time. If you are putting dirty brushes in your clean hair… well you get the point. After removing loose hair from the brush’s bed, fill the sink with warm water and a bit of clarifying shampoo to suds, letting your brushes sit for a few minutes. Then use a basic scrubber to brush them clean!


Postcard from Portofino

elgort-vogue-us-december-1992-postcard-from-portofino-christy-turlington-03A trip back in time to a wonderful shoot in Italy for Vogue USA’s December 1992 issue. With the beautiful Christy Turlington photographed by Arthur Elgort. It was amazing to be part of the team with fashion editor Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele and hairstylist Oribe. Such a beautiful place filled with lovely people and great food what more do you need!

Such a beautiful place filled with lovely people! elgort-vogue-us-december-1992-postcard-from-portofino-christy-turlington-04

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Fall Brush Up Giveaway Winners!


We had so many entries for our #FallBrushUp giveaway, THANK YOU! All of you for taking the chance… Here are the winners, randomly chosen, luck was on their side! Congrats & enjoy your 10pc brushes, please contact us at!

Mia Farah & Chamallie Forrest


TV Beauty: Suits!

As the third season of suits is coming to an end we decided to take a look at the elegance of the women in the show. Harvey, Mike and Louis might run the story but the support and exceptional quality of their characters comes from these women. Jessica, Donna, Rachel and Scotty! They each are a great example of how even you ‘working’ makeup can show off your personality. The all have flawless skin, softly flushed cheeks and fully lined neutral eyes. Satin Luxe in Currant complements perfectly with Jessica’s complexion as the Satin Luxe in Sunkissed complements Donna’s gingerness. Rachel keeps it casual with a Velvety Matte Lip in Mulberry Nude and Dana “Scotty” adds fun with a Shine Luxe Sheer lip in Sheer Fuchsia!


Nail and Lips Combinations!

One thing we learned this Summer is that your manicure is a huge asset to your beauty! Have fun with new colors and why not pair your tips with your lips… If you’re going by Target/Target Canada this weekend- here are some pairing you can pick up! (click through)


Before Summer’s Gone!

Summer is almost out, here three things to do with your family before its all gone: Grill, Hike/Bike and exfoliate at home!

summerthings_1Grill vegetables and fruit! Grill veggies retain all of the juices and nutrients of the vegetable making it delicious. While the same happens for fruits, the natural sweetness of fruit is intensified with grilling making it perfect for dessert! Continue reading “Before Summer’s Gone!” »



runwayTOeverydayNYFWNew York Fashion Week is in full swing and the top beauty trend that seems to be emerging on the runways is a bright orange lip! While most fashion houses are focusing on a vivid tangerine hue, the simplest way to translate this colorful trend into everyday wear is by choosing a shade with a bit of red, like my Satin Luxe Lip Color in Red Orange. So hurry up and pucker those pouts with a pretty persimmon lip product before summer is gone for good!